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With captivating high-energy performances that transport the audience on a journey of heartfelt storytelling, Mikey Wayne encapsulates both the traditions of great American vocal bands of the 70’s and timeless singer-songwriters of today.  This is an artist who knows how to entertain, a true star through and through.


Mikey Wayne started his upward career trajectory after his family moved from California to Alabama. Fronting rock bands in high school and college, honing his craft as a performer, defining his songwriting style, and working tirelessly on writing his best songs that speak to who he is as an artist and connect directly to his experiences in life.  His songs come straight from the heart, with an honesty and urgency that audiences relate to and draw inspiration from.


For the past year, Mikey Wayne has been focussed exclusively on launching his solo career from Nashville, TN.  In many ways, he has been working towards this moment for the past decade. Paying close attention to his musical influences, as well as his geographical influences, Mikey Wayne has successfully blended his Southern California roots with his Alabama upbringing.  The result is a complete artist, with potent songs about love, life, and loss.

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